Science Writing

This is what I like to write.

I write reported stories about scientific mysteries and the people who uncover them. To do this, I read research papers, interview scientists, entrepreneurs, and technologists, and draft articles based on the information gathered.

Because I spent most of my PhD reading papers and reviews, and some time writing them, I am good at gauging the significance of studies. I can quickly get to the essence of a paper while appreciating the larger context. This also helps me interview scientists and ask them relevant questions. A science journalism workshop run by Anil Ananthaswamy and Peter Aldhous taught me the basic skills needed to write about empirical enigmas. I have refined these skills over the past 4 years by writing for outlets like the Massive Science Consortium, The Scientist, and The Wire Science.

I write both short- and long-form stories, but have a penchant for the latter. I delight in weaving different viewpoints together to give readers snapshots of entire fields of research. I believe this helps people appreciate the nuances of doing research and the fact that science is rarely a straight shot from hypothesis to result.

I also write press releases and profiles of people who conduct research in different capacities, be it as scientists, facility managers, or technicians.

In a quest to showcase the research done in lesser-known Indian insitutes, I co-founded a website with some scientist friends. We sought out and interviewed several Indian scientists and wrote about their work. This was a fun project, but is unfortunately on hiatus as all the contributors are scattered across different continents.

Here’s a sample of things I’ve written: