Writing Portfolio

A list of all the articles I have written till date



preLights post on how a lipid molecule moves between membranes in the cell
preLights · June 19, 2019

preLights post on a protein that helps stem cells decide when to stick together
preLights · August 9, 2019

preLights post on how interrupted neuronal conversations can cause tremors
preLights · September 15, 2019

Aerogel, the world’s lightest solid, can help bones heal faster
Massive Science · November 12, 2019

Article about aerogel, the world's lightest solid.

preLights post on the immune systems of plants
preLights · April 22, 2020

preLights post on the link between stress and gray hair
preLights · May 19, 2020

preLights post on how an enzyme controls the grouping of immune system proteins
preLights · July 1, 2020

Two mini microscopes watched a mouse’s brain move its body in real time
Massive Science · July 19, 2020

Article about how miniature microscopes help see how mouse brains work.

preLights post on how genetically engineered bacteria can be used to control worm behaviours
preLights · August 16, 2020

Exercise Reduces Tumour Growth – and Now We Know the Cellular Basis for It
The Wire Science · November 13, 2020

Article about how exercise can help reduce tumour growth in mice.

Fungal fertilisers boost the growth of medicinal plants
ScienceOut · December 31, 2020

Article about how a group at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram, found that fungus could be used as fertiliser.

Ants swallow their own acidic venom to filter their gut microbiome
Massive Science · January 26, 2021

Article about how ants can regulate their own gut microbiome.

Bridgin’ the gap - how scientists solved a molecular mystery and discovered a completely new protein
ScienceOut · March 29, 2021

Article about how a group at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, found a new protein that helps fungi reproduce.

Milestones in Indian Vaccine Development
ScienceOut · April 8, 2021

Timeline of important points in India's vaccine history.

How Companies Are Upping Diversity Among Clinical Trial Participants
BioSpace · October 18, 2023

Article about the steps pharmaceutical companies are taking to increase diversity in clinical trials.

In Hiring, Some Companies Move Toward Focus on Skills Over Experience
BioSpace · November 9, 2023

Article about a new focus on skills in hiring.

5 Cancer Vaccines to Watch in 2024
BioSpace · November 20, 2023

Article about promising new cancer vaccines.