This is what I do as a fact-checker.

I verify information by checking it against original sources. These can be numbers, names, dates, scientific claims, or anything else. I comb through articles, videos, and podcasts to check whether all the information published is supported by scientific evidence.

In addition to my scientific training, I have attended fact-checking workshops (both basic and advanced levels) offered by the Knight School of Journalism at MIT. Through these workshops, I learned how to vet claims and find reliable sources. I use this training to check my own writing, and also offer fact-checking services to clients who need them. Here are the links to some videos I fact-checked for the PBS Terra YouTube channel:

  1. How to Turn Skin Cells Into a Baby
  2. Shark “Traffic Jam”: Inside a Biscayne Bay Shark Survey
  3. What If Our Clothes Could Disrupt Surveillance Cameras?
  4. How This Disease Could Wipe Out Citrus…Unless We Stop It
  5. How Talking With Animals Would Change Our World
  6. Feeding the Future: How Scientists Are Saving Corn From Rising Temperatures
  7. Fireflies’ Love Language Is Their Butts
  8. Why Tree Planting Campaigns Don’t Work
  9. How does a record-breaking ocean heat wave impact sharks?
  10. Sweet Potatoes’ Flavor is More Complex Than You Think
  11. What Makes Dragonflies So Extraordinary
  12. The New Technology Changing How We Track Sharks
  13. How To Accidentally Invent A Color
  14. Geoengineering: The Riskiest Way to Save the Planet
  15. How Tomatoes are Revolutionizing Urban Farming
  16. Pssst: Ladybugs Have a Killer Secret