Sruthi S. Balakrishnan, Ph.D.

SciScriber LLC, Santa Barbara, California

Hi there! I’m an ex-scientist who traded in molecule-mangling for word-wrangling. Armed with a PhD in Biology, I use my scientific training and love for literature to translate complex concepts into simple script (don’t worry, I only alliterate when I’m off duty). Through my company, SciScriber LLC, I offer the following services:

Academic editing: I help scientists write clear and logically sound research papers and grant proposals.

Science writing: I sniff out, report on, and write about the weird and the wonderful (be it science or the people behind it).

Fact-checking: I verify information and check whether claims are supported by scientific evidence.

Feel free to explore the website and learn more about me. If you’re a new freelancer, have a gander at some resources I’ve found useful over the years.